About Me

shaffatur khan 2017Shaffatur Khan

Born – 28th August 1997

Birth Location – Madaripur, Bangladesh.

Hey, I’m Shaffatur Rahman Khan better known as Shaffatur Khan. Young entrepreneur, Film Producer and Tech YouTuber. Grandson of late Advocate Moulavi Asmat Ali Khan who was was a politician, educationist, social worker and a Member of Parliament. Inspired from his hard-work, I love to make new stuffs and help other people in our surroundings as I grow!

Currently I developing a website name Doctor Bangladesh which will help the people of Bangladesh to search and find good doctors near them. This start up is settled to be launch in August.

I’m the co-founder and ex-admin of the early 2016 start-up Vape Republic BD. Which today has members of more than 20,000. (as of May 2017). And, is the largest vaping group in Bangladesh. But due to problems with the other co-founder Ashiqur Rahman, I left the brand to establish Neety Entertainment Films which today is one of the largest online content creators of Bangladesh.

Currently I’m the founder and CEO of Doctor Bangladesh, Neety Entertainment Films and MYAcode, Family Business/Co-Owner Chormuguria Jute Mills (one of the largest jute production in Bangladesh), Hotel Sarbick International (Best hotel in Madaripur). And YouTuber as LifeWithSKtv.

I’m also a social worker and a active member of Asmat Ali Khan foundation, through which I have help the unprivileged by building hospitals and schools. Outside of that I founded the following brands during my career (2012 – present).

2012 : Bangladesh Extreme Racerz Club (2012 – 2014)
2012 : MYAcode
2013: Khan Graphics
2013: Young Money Productions
2014: Bangladesh Street Racerz Club
2016: Vape Republic BD
2016: Neety Entertainment Films
2017: LifeWithSKtv (Tech Based YouTube Channel)
2017 : Doctor Bangladesh (Planning to public release in December 2017).